Sometimes I just feel like I’m not meant to be an artist. I try to shoot or design something every week and share my work. I get very few to no likes, re-blogs, new followers or just questions.

When I first created my tumblr (2.5years ago) I always wanted to be a featured artists. Getting more exposure/likes/feedback and knowing I made something cool or made someone smile. I created art to share, express the crazy images in my head and it made me a little less depressed.

Now I just don’t care. My work is not good enough. I will never find “happiness” and I just have to accept it. 

I leave you with this

Always Be Weird- Justin P. Ford

P.S. To still feel lonely in a world full of ghost.


When I was younger I always wanted to go to a live concert. Being able to see your favorite artist and be around other people who like the same music.

Now I hate concerts and may never go again. All because of cell phones. Whats the point of paying money when you spend the whole time recording the show. It’s ok when you take a quick picture. But when your fucking hands in the way the entire show and your 6 feet tall I want to stab you.

I hope one day artist have a way to stop fans from having there phones out/up the whole show. Like every time they see a phone a guy on the side stage shoots them with water or just kick the fan out.

Fuck cell phones!

Concerts aren’t fun anymore.